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Stylable v5

The purpose of this document is to help migrate projects using Stylable to v5.

We have taken the opportunity of node dropping LTS support for v12 and we have decided to include a number of additional breaking changes to the v5 release. These changes are primarily to the programmatic API of Stylable and not to user facing features, syntax or integrations.

You can find the plan for this major version here.


Diagnostics overhaul

All diagnostics in @stylable/core had diagnostics code added, and were reviewed for consistency. Many diagnostics have had their severity increased to error.

We plan on starting to map out the diagnostics in this site to help users understand what they are seeing, and why it happened.

Reducing public facing APIs

In the past, Stylable exposed all of its functionalities as public facing APIs. Over time, this has proven difficult to maintain and develop further, and so we have decided to limit what Stylable exposes, and to segment its APIs under a few different namespaces.

In addition, most APIs have been refactored to match our new programmatic API model.

API changes

The following APIs have been changed:

  • StylableMeta renamed rawAst to sourceAst and outputAst to targetAst
  • The Stylable constructor now accepts options as an object (similar to Stylable.create() options)

The following APIs have been removed:

  • The Stylable.create() method has been removed
  • StylableMeta removed ast field
  • StylableTransformer is no longer considered public API, there relevant functionality has been moved to stylable.transform, stylable.transformSelector, etc.
  • custom pseudo state parameter type tag has been removed - can be replaced by -st-states: stateName(string) (see issue)

Missing APIs?

If we have removed an API that you have found useful, and provided no alternative, please let us know by opening an issue over at GitHub.


Default arguments changed

The @stylable/cli stc command now has no default output defined, previously this was set to emit .cjs files.

  • If you were using the stc command without the --cjs flag, you will need to update your code to use the new default output
  • If were explictly setting the output to not emit .cjs files (e.g. --no-cjs or --cjs=false), you can now remove this parameter from your command

Build index file and other outputs simultaneously

The @stylable/cli stc command now supports building an indexFile and other outputs (.js, .css, .st.css, etc.) at once.

  • If you were previously running separate commands to build the index file and other outputs, you can now run a single command to build them all at once